Sunday, March 29, 2015

One Month Down!

Family and friends! 
Hard to believe I have completed one month of my mission already! The MTC is still great and I am having awesome experiences :) It's amazing how much I've learned in that time- language and gospel wise. 

This week we continued teaching our 3 investigators. Most of my week consisted of learning the Plan of Salvation lesson in Cantonese. It's difficult because there's a lot of hard vocab and sometimes they don't understand so you have to explain it. But this week I made the whole Plan of Salvation in cutouts. I drew pictures, cut them out, laminated them, and even copied Cantonese characters onto them so the investigators can read them. That was pretty fun! :) We also started memorizing the first vision in Cantonese as a district. I'm excited for when I will be able to recite that! In my personal study I've started studying Christ-like attributes I want to develop and that's been great. Preach My Gospel has an awesome section on that if you want to take a look at it :) 

Our devotional this week was Brother Clarke who is the Church's missionary department director. He gave an awesome talk on not letting Satan affect you. He said, "Don't let Satan push your buttons. He will do everything he can to give you grief and stop the work of God." He explained that as a missionary he whispers things to make us feel inferior to others, want to give up, and other things that aren't true. This applies to life in general as well. He told us when that happens to stand and say, "NO, Satan. I CAN do this! I am a disciple of Christ and have been set apart to preach His gospel." It was a talk I needed to hear and it was a great one! So don't let Satan push your buttons :) 

Oh! This week was my first time seeing a protester in front of the MTC haha! Apparently it happens often which I didn't know. There was an old man outside carrying a cross and American flag yelling at all the missionaries and saying crazy weird stuff. He was pretty intense! Just goes to show that there is and always will be opposition against the Church. I love that no one was phased or reacted to it, in fact we were excited to get entertainment haha! ;) I think of Elder Holland's quote that "If this were not the true Church of God, the adversary would not try so hard to bring us down." And I know that is true! That's kind of a random thing that happened this week haha!  

Only 13 days until Conference! I am seriously SO dang excited! :) Rumor has it that President Uchtdorf is coming for an Easter message in a few weeks, not sure if that's true haha. But I hope it is, he is my favorite! I love that the MTC and temple grounds are blooming with signs of spring! We are so close to spring and Easter :) It has been so pretty and warm lately, we love it! It's amazing to be among so many faithful, worthy missionaries and the work is definitely rolling forth. The kingdom of God is growing and I love being a part of it! 

Have a fantastic week everyone! 
Love, Sister Escher 

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