Monday, May 4, 2015

Farewell & Trainers for Now

Leih houh! 
Here we are at the start of another week- it'll be 7 weeks for me on Wednesday! Pretty crazy! :) I will be leaving for Hong Kong two weeks from today! We get travel plans this week!!! This is getting real!! 

It wasn't a super exciting week but we got to do some new things which is always nice to change up the schedule a bit. We got to be hosts (people who welcome the new missionaries this week) which was SO fun! :) I have been waiting to do that since I got here haha! Unfortunately, it decided to snow that day so it was super windy and cold but it was still awesome! I hosted a girl from North Dakota going to Japan and a girl from Hawaii going to St. George. It brought be back to my first day just how numb you are and you have no idea what was going on so it was fun to tell them how awesome the MTC is and make them feel comfortable and welcome here! :) 

This week we also had our first TRC Skype! After a certain amount of weeks, you stop doing in-person TRC on Saturdays and switch to Skype on Mondays. We get to Skype with members from Hong Kong! :) The girl we got was awesome! Her name was Crystal, she served a mission in Thailand, and she lives in HK with her family! We had an awesome discussion about enduring to the end, she was a lot of fun to talk to! We have our second one tonight and our last one next week. 

Also this week Sister Villasin and I were called to be our zone's Sister Training Leaders! :) I am super excited about that! We had to go to a bunch of leadership trainings with the Branch Presidency. This week we have a lot of councils and meetings to attend as well as welcoming new sisters we are getting. We have 4 sisters coming in this week- 1 going to Hong Kong, 1 going to Cambodia, 1 going to Washington (Cambodian speaking) and another going to Vietnam! That will be super fun! :) 

This morning at 3am we got up to say goodbye to our wonderful Thai roommates who we've grown so close with. It was SUPER sad and hard to see them go but they will do amazing things in Thailand!! It's amazing how much we've all grown and learned these past 7 weeks together! Sadly, our roommate parties will not be the same but the Lord needs them now! Good luck Sister Hayes, Sister Beckstrand, and Sister Mags- we love you! :) 

Again, thank you for all the continued love and support! It's amazing to be a missionary and a part of the Lord's work! It is definitely rolling forth! Everyone have a fantastic week! 

Love, Sister Escher 

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