Monday, May 4, 2015

"That Aint the Language they taught me in the MTC"

Hello everyone!
Well it happened! I am actually in Hong Kong!! :) It is such a beautiful city! The flight here was horrible, SO much turbulence! But luckily I made it! The first few days we stayed at the mission home. Our mission president is awesome! My area is Pok Fu Lam which is at the bottom of Hong Kong Island. My companion is Sister Richardson from Kaysville, Utah and we have gotten along great! :) We have a lot in common and have had so much fun! I love her to death! She is an awesome trainer and has been out for 8 months. 

We don't live in our area, we live in West Point so we take a siu ba (little bus) to our area everyday. We share an apartment with 2 other sisters, both from Utah as well. Our apartment is TINY haha! But we make it work :) The bishop asked me to introduce myself and bear my testimony on Sunday. I think it went ok, everyone said I did good but I'm pretty sure they were just being nice! :P Like the title of my email says, Cantonese is so crazy haha! It will take a long time for me to understand people because they talk so fast! Also, in my ward there is a lot of deaf people so on top of Cantonese I will be learning Chinese Sign Language!! :P And no, it is not the same as ASL haha. So I have my work cut out for me here! But our ward is awesome! They are so loving and welcoming. They have such strong faith and testimonies and are always willing to help with missionary work! 

This week we did a lot! We did a lot of finding. We don't knock doors like most missions. We just have to find people on the street or bus or subways to talk to. The culture here will be really hard to get used to because the people just completely ignore you if they aren't interested. We've had people tell us to go away but most people just completely ignore you. So that's been hard to get used to! But we worked at the Welcome Center this week which is like a mini vistior center. We stand on the street, passing out flyers and try to pull people in for tours and stuff. On Saturday for service, we volunteered at a handicapped home. We made flowers with them, sang songs, and played counting games. It was really fun! :) We also taught English class which was cool!

Our area is known in the mission as the area where there are always so many investigators and baptisms. Right now we have 2 girls with baptismal dates! :) Cinny is 19 and will get baptized in a few weeks. She is so sweet and really faithful! And Tiffany is 14 and will be baptized in June, I haven't met her yet. We are also teaching a single mom, Ng Siuje, and her two kids Cindy (6) and Yellick (8). They are Catholic and really interested in the gospel! We are working with other investigators and have a lot of less actives. 

I'm still getting over jet lag and adjusting but I'm healthy and my spirits are high! :) Hong Kong is a wonderful place and I'm so excited to be here! Thank you for all the love and support- I'm sorry I can't always email each of you back personally. The gospel is true and I'm so happy to be a part of it! 
Sister Escher 

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